• jazzateers Don't Let Your Son Grow Up to Be a Cowboy (180g vinyl LP, £15.50)

    label: Creeping Bent Organisation

    Deluxe gatefold vinyl edition of Jazzateers' previously unreleased Postcard Records catalogue. Limited to 300 LPs, the tracks on the album were produced by Edwyn Collins and Jazzateers, and include the one scheduled to be the final single on Postcard (81-14), a version of Wasted, originally recorded by Donna Summer. Jazzateers were managed by Postcard's Alan Horne, and the LP contains archive material on the album notes. Jazzateers' jangle melded Velvet Underground to Antonio Carlos Jobim, and this collection of tracks is a perfect representation of their Postcard sound, prior to both Aztec Camera and Jazzateers releasing their debut albums on Rough Trade in 1983.

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