• bored teenagers vol. 9  (LP, £10.75)

    label: bin liner

    Well here it is... The long awaited volume 9 in this highly collectable Punk series that has done for Punk what the Pebbles series did for the obscure gems from the 60s. Can’t believe we are now on volume 9, another year in the planning and with all the other previous volumes we have unearthed another batch of PUNK ROCK GEMS! This time we have only five bands on this volume but they had so many great tracks we couldn’t leave any off… First off is a band called THE CRABS that most people are aware of as they appeared on the killer FAREWELL TO THE ROXY album back in 1978 with their ultra catchy “Lullabies Lie” track. Sadly no further recordings were released as the band folded in 1978 and became the backing band for Max Splodge but little did we know, the band did record four studio tracks for the highly collectable LIGHTNING label and were scheduled for a release in March 1978. One thing led to another and the band never signed the contract and the tracks were shelved. Rough cassette copies circulated over the years but Tony the singer still had the master tape… So we are PROUD to give you ALL FOUR TRACKS as they should of been heard back in 1978… This band SHOULD of made it and is criminal they are not up there with the likes of some of the bigger bands! The second band to feature is FU-2 from Southend-On-Sea. Their roots can be traced back to late ’77. After years and years of trying to track this band down after seeing some Youtube footage, we hit lucky and found the singer. He had moved so many times and to our astonishment, he still had in his possession the original 5 track master tape. The really interesting thing about these tracks is that all the recordings feature a certain lady who was made famous by appearing in the Sex Pistols film THE GREAT ROCK ‘N’ ROLL SWINDLE, Yes… HELEN OF TROY. Her vocals are so unique and some might say out of tune but blend perfectly with the opposing vocals of Terry Piper. ALL five tracks can be heard here! Be warned! THESE TRACKS ARE SO CATCHY and you will be singing them all day! Once again, three out of these five tracks HAVE NEVER BEEN HEARD BEFORE! Next up is a band from Caterham in Surrey called NUFFIN’ who were mates with The Damned & Johnny Moped. Their claim to fame so to speak of is that they had Roger Bullen (aka Dee Generate) as their drummer before he was headhunted by EATER. Things were looking good for Nuffin’ as in November 1976. London Weekend Television broadcast a documentary by Janet Street Porter on a new youth cult called punk rock that was sweeping the nation. You can hear one of their tracks being played in that programme. Here we have ALL FOUR of their studio tracks that have NEVER been heard before and are direct off the original reel to reel master tape. Side Two kicks off with Norwich’s first Punk band THE TOADS. These tracks that are featured are the essence of what Punk is for me… No messing about… straight in with 1234… BANG! Short and sweet! After only a year or so they were gone although the nucleus of the band reappeared as SILENT NOISE. The last band to grace volume 9 are The Coils from out of Morpeth in Northumberland of all places… Once again, no messing about, 1234 and singing about what was happening around them! Just take a listen to Fascist and Smash The Front! Well that brings the vinyl version of Volume 9 to an end… Similar to previous volumes, it comes with an in-depth A5 16-page booklet telling the story behind all the bands with rare and unseen photos etc. SIDE 1: 1. The Crabs - Victim 2. The Crabs - Save My Skin 3. The Crabs - Lullabies Lie 4. FU-2 - Maybe 5. FU-2 - Soho 6. FU-2 - Sindy Michelle 7. Nuffin' - Centre Point Anywhere 8. Nuffin' - Red Day Blues 9. Nuffin' - Were Plastic SIDE 2: 1. The Toads - All I Wanna Be Is A Star 2. The Toads - Suppression/Oppression 3. The Toads - I Don't Care About You 4. The Toads - In The Subway 5. The Toads - Blood On My Wheels 6. The Coils - Supermousse 7. The Coils - Upper Class Cretin 8. The Coils - Land Of The Dead 9. The Coils - Smash The Front

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