• bored! Piggyback (150g vinyl double LP, £26.95)

    label: Bang! Records

    Bang! celebrate their 100th reference by putting out Bored!'s lost double album! Gatefold. 500 copies. This record is presented on double LP with gatefold cover, liner notes by Dave Thomas and plenty of previously unseen photography. What we find here are the lost recordings between 1991 and 1994 of the Australian monsters of distortion and high energy at their purest. Including their own songs as well as covers from The Velvet Underground, Hüsker Dü, The Wipers and others, this collection of tracks present the best brutal exposition of BORED!´s sound. 25 years later, this record finally sees the light of day and BANG! Records sincerely thanks BORED! for making this wonder come true! TRACKLIST A SIDED!: A1. Bleed A2. Got a Feeling A3. Waiting for the man (The Velvet Underground) A4. There´s a lot of it going around (The Chosen Few) B SIDED!: B1. Piggyback B2. Over the Edge (The Wipers) B3. What Ya Gonna Do B4. Disco Sucks (D.O.A.) C SIDED!: C1. Shame C2. Pink Turns to Blue (Hüsker Dü) C3. Little Suzie C4. Instrumental C5. Rotten to the Core (Rudimentary Peni) D SIDED!: D1. Descender D2. Carve D3. Demolition Girl (The Saints) D4. Junk D5. Teenage Jesus (American Soul Spiders)

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