• german army and old komm Disquiet soundtrack (LP, £13.75)

    label: Discrepant

    Imaginary soundtrack to the lost 1976 Russian-American dystopian classic, Disquiet. Russian occultists Old Komm collaborate with the south Californian dons of austere electronics German Army, bringing to life the made up soundtrack to a film that never was. Disquiet tells the story of a child born to a desolate, post-apocalyptic world, war torn and fractured by greed. "A whirlwind of looting, a firestorm of fear. Men began to feed on men. No one remembers the days before the bleakness. It would be impossible to recall the old world, if it wasn’t for the reminders. Ruins... despair... echoes of madness...and in this maelstrom of decay, I was born.'' Organ tones and broken exoteric bumps coexist with dark ambient themes and cavernous beats. Remnants of wry memories, smothered dreams, dim visions of a world that never was. Track Listing: A1:Old Komm – Gorky's Theme A2:German Army - Arka A3:Old Komm – Sky Scrap A4:German Army – No Roles A5:Old Komm – Sea Reaks A6:Old Komm – Gorky's Theme (ascending) B1 German Army - The Bonobo Sect B2:German Army - Okapi B3:Old Komm – Dialogue (Excerpt) B4:German Army - Ulundi B5:Old Komm - Abuna B6:Old Komm – The Freak Of Algiers B7:German Army - Caledonian River B8:Old Komm – St.Kenelm's Dream

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