• lovely eggs Drug Braggin' (coloured vinyl 7", £4.95)

    label: egg

    Psych-pop fuzz freaks The Lovely Eggs tell it like it is with their single ‘Drug Braggin’. The Lovely Eggs are back again with another fucked up, fuzzed out freak single. Released on eye-watering psychedelic swirl vinyl. The limited edition 7” sludge pop mind-melter sees the pair (Holly Ross and David Blackwell) take on their latest pet hate: drug posers. Sick of hearing people crowing about how many drugs they've done on a night out or at a festival, The Lovely Eggs retort with a big fuck-you to the pricks with a typically surreal insight in to their crazy world. The B-Side “On the Line” is another new song, which was recorded with an electronic voice unit with a strange disembodied American accent after Holly was diagnosed with a vocal nodule. This brand new material represents yet another twist and turn in The Lovely Eggs' musical odyssey, cementing their reputation as one of the most exciting, innovative and genuine bands on the UK underground scene. In keeping with their other recent releases, “Drug Braggin’” is accompanied by artwork and video by cult underground artist and baboon keeper Casey Raymond. The artwork has been created so that it seems never ending as it is joined at every corner in a self repeating pattern, keeping the viewer trapped inside The Lovely Eggs self contained world. It shows Holly and David having a mental meltdown as a result of too much exposure to drug braggin’. Marc Riley declared their last single “Goofin Around (in Lancashire)” one of his top tracks of 2015). Following on from the fuzzed-out psych tones of the singles “Magic Onion” and “Goofin’ Around (In Lancashire)”, “Drug Braggin’” is yet another raucous punked-up psych trip of nonsensical perfection set in the humdrum of everyday life. For Holly and David being in a band is a way of life. Laughing in the face of life’s absurdities and revelling in the mundane, The Lovely Eggs turn normality on its head, squeezing it through their peculiar surreal mincing machine and blending it with fuzzed out guitar and crashing drums.

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