• mind monogram AM In the PM (LP, £12.25)

    label: Aagoo

    Los Angeles based band Mind Monogram started out in 2014 as the passion project of vocalist/guitarist Edgar A. Ruiz, who wrote/recorded and self-released the bandís debut E.P. ďMoments in TimeĒ. Ruizís project has now come into fruition as a full band with the addition of members Christian Caro (guitar), Bryan Mejia (drums) and Billy Azurdia (bass) & have since then fleshed out a follow up E.P. this past April titled Maus. Mind Monogram now return with their debut LP. The Mind Monogram sound is fragile, reverb soaked psych-pop. Itís super honest, raw and sweet, it swings and has energy, it seduces... The songs are about; ĎLIFE', life in this moment now, life in the 'A.M. life in the P.Mí. They almost sound a bit vintage psychedelic garage, with a serious late night, wind-down vibe. The LP was recorded in early 2015 with the help of Ruizís friends and ex-bandmates Richard Delgado (bass) and Julian K. Withfield (drums). Dust the cobwebs from your mind and turn up AM In The PM. TRACK LISTING 1. Awakening 2. A.M in the P.M 3. Elephant Swing 4. The boy, the wolf, and the Hill 5. Howls (Interlude) 6. Senses 7. Real Slow 8. The Giver

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