• max eastley / steve beresford / paul burwell / david toop Whirled Music (LP, £22.25)

    Black Truffle is honoured to present the first ever reissue of Whirled Music. - Originally released on Toop’s own Quartz label in 1980, the LP features a remarkable series of performances made entirely with whirled and swung instruments and objects and is one of the key documents of the inventive and energetic scene around the London Musicians Collective in the late 1970s and early 1980s. - Whirled Music was the title given to a series of performances in which a variety of instruments and objects, both home made and store bought, traditional and invented, would be whirled to produce sound. In addition to variations on traditional instruments such as the bullroarer, Whirled Music also made use of whirled whistles, hand drums, radios and microphones. Due to the danger this represented for both performers and audiences, the performers wore protective masks and were separated from the audience by a net. - David Toop points out in the newly commissioned notes contained in this reissue, these events were somewhere between ‘composition, installation, and improvisation’, at once sharply focused and wildly uncontrolled. Although purely acoustic, the music has an unstable, dispersed quality reminiscent of the pioneering live electronics of the Sonic Art Union or even early Voice Crack. - A stunning document from a still under-recognised moment, Whirled Music is here presented in a stunning gatefold sleeve and 24-page booklet containing new liner notes by David Toop alongside contemporary reviews, flyers, notes on the instruments and performance documentation. - Remastered and cut at 45RPM by Rashad Becker at D&M Belin for maximum fidelity.

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