• great apes California Heart (coloured vinyl LP, £15.50)

    label: asian man

    California Heart is the second full length and sixth release from San Franciscoís Great Apes. The record, akin to much of the bandís earlier material, is thematic. With California Heart, the concept is a fictional one, revolving around an alienated adolescent residing in Fresno, CA. Each song is written in first person and tackles a myriad of subjects including mental illness, suburban doldrums, creativity, nature as a sanctuary, social isolation, perceptions of adulthood, cliques, bullying, drugs, suicide, and an ever-crystallising and often cynical view of the world. In its entirety, the record is intended to be a portrait of navigating coming of age as an outcast, in a stagnant and less-than-nurturing environment. Although the writing is founded in fiction, itís undoubtedly inspired by personal experiences, and anyone who grew up feeling weird, anxious, down, and/or angst-ridden in a place they wanted out of should have no problem finding points of relation. The record was recorded over four days in spring 2016 by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden. A1. California Heart A2. The Last Days of Tranquility A3. Saint Brasher A4. Bullard Hex A5. Brown Dots B1. Regarding the You in Me B2. Chukchansis Complacency for Beginners B3. Prom Com B4. Shut in with the Burden B5. The Escapist

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