• eleanor mcevoy Naked Music (180g vinyl LP + CD, £19.75)

    label: Diverse Records

    Naked Music is the title of Irish star Eleanor McEvoy’s new album, recorded alone in the studio to create an intimate collection of her music at its most raw – one instrument, one voice, performed live. Best known for her songs Sophie and the Irish standard Only A Woman’s Heart, Eleanor’s new album features exclusive artwork by the famed painter Chris Gollon. She asked Chris to do a painting for the cover in this solitary context. Chris was so taken with the songs he completed four paintings in response – two on the ‘Naked’ theme, and two related to song titles and lyrics. The seeds for Eleanor and Chris’ artist collaboration were sown after Eleanor bought Chris’ painting ‘Champagne Sheila’ after spotting it in a London gallery. As with all Eleanor McEvoy releases on Diverse Records, we put a lot of effort into making it the ultimate audiophile listening experience. Miles Showell mastered the LP at Abbey Road and describes the methods he used: This record is the product of an all analogue signal path. It was cut exactly as all records used to be cut in the days prior to the advent of digital techniques and processing. Any processing applied to the master tapes for this vinyl release is entirely different from that applied to the corresponding digital formats and is unique to the vinyl release only. 1. Wrong So Wrong 2. Dreaming Of Leaving 3. Deliver Me 4. Whisper A Prayer To The Moon 5. Heaven Help Us 6. Land In The Water 7. Please Heart You’re Killing Me 9. Lubbock Woman 10. Look Like Me 11. Half Out Of Habit 12. Isn’t It A Little Late 13. Oft In The Stilly Night 14. The Thought Of You

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