• la casa azul La Revolucion Sexual (numbered double LP, £23.95)

    label: elefant

    One of two La Caza Azul titles being issued on vinyl as part of Elefant Records' series of 25th anniversary reissues. Although presented as a five piece band, La Casa Azul was in reality the work of one man, Guille Milkyway, who combined his Beach Boys influences with that of European pop groups such as Abba. The five members appear in the band's distinctive retro videos, but live and on record the music was all performed by Guille. A key album in Elefant Records' development, "La Revolucion Sexual" embraced electronic and dance music fully and moved La Casa Azul from niche artist to phenomenon in Spain. Cover versions on this record include The Jackson Five's "I Want You Back" and John Paul Young's "Love Is In The Air", and collaborators include Duglas T. Stewart (BMX Bandits), Korean icon Yeongene and Stereo Total from Germany. Limited edition of 1000 copies, with digital download.

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