• sons of chaputa!  (red vinyl 10", £16.95)

    label: Chaputa! Records

    First of a new Chaputa!'s series, this is an 8 track compilation featuring the wildest sounds from Portugal. 8 bands covering 8 garage-punk-rock-soul 'standards' in a way you never heard before. Inc. tracks by THE ACT-UPS, D3O, MURDERING TRIPPING BLUES, DIRTY COAL TRAIN, JACK SHITS, PARKINSONS, FAST EDDIE NELSON, BRUTO AND THE CANNIBALS! Limited edition of 500 copies. Inner sleeve with photos. All tracks recorded and mastered by Nick Nicotine at Estudios King (Barreiro, Portugal) from April to June 2015. Compilation concept by Themoteo Suspiro and Esgar Acelerado. Cover Art by Rui Ricardo.

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