• molochs America's Velvet Glory (double LP, £13.25)

    label: Innovative Leisure

    The Molochs' second album starts with an anxious electric minor-key melody and ends on a lonesome, unresolved organ riff. In between comes beauty, doubt, loss, hate and even a moment or two of peace. There are flashes of '60s garage rock (f.i. the '66 Sunset Strip-type stormer 'No More Cryin' or the 'Little Black Egg'-style heartwarmer/heartbreaker 'The One I Love'), but the band takes the past apart and doesn't try to recreate it. TRACKLISTING: 01. TEN THOUSAND 02. NO CONTROL 03. CHARLIE'S LIPS 04. THAT'S THE TROUBLE WITH YOU 05. THE ONE I LOVE 06. LITTLE STARS 07. NO MORE CRYIN 08. YOU AND ME 09. NEW YORK 10. I DON'T LOVE YOU 11. YOU NEVER LEARN

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