• titan Dama (double LP, £19.95)

    label: ATP Recordings

    Fans have come to expect TITAN mixing wildly divergent styles and pushing boundaries, and their return is as eclectic and innovative as ever. Like fellow iconoclasts Avalanches and Portishead, TITAN don't record an album every two years. As they see it, “It's very healthy to take some time to do some other stuff and make an album when you really want to. We’ve always worked like that, maybe on this occasion we took some extra time.” The wait has been worth it. DAMA came together over five trips to famed recording studio, Sonic Ranch in Texas with Nick Launay, whose credits include Arcade Fire, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, David Byrne and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Launay not only produced the album, he was key in hooking TITAN up with their guests. Of Gary Numan, Egyptian Lover and Siobhan Fahey they say, “Working with them we could understand why they are who they are. They are artists that we have respected since we were teenagers so it is a luxury to have them on the album." TITAN, as they remind everyone, never broke up, never stopped creating, performing, touring, producing. DAMA happened in 2016, “because the planets aligned. The conditions we wanted to make the new album were the ones we were looking for some years ago: economic independence, amazing recording studio, incredible producer, great collaborations.” Lead single ‘Dama Fina’ picked up coverage on Noisey “Enter the perverted, drug-addled world of TITAN” and About To Blow “absolute Mexican madness, this is TITAN.” Cited by The Independent as “pioneers of Mexican Electronica.” Tracks: Dama Fina / HeIL.A. Feat. Siobhan Fahey / Tchaikovski / Sangre / Dama Negra Feat. El Columpio Asesino / Dark Rain Feat. Gary Numan / El Rey Del Swing / Apache / Arahant Feat. Church / Soldado / She Likes The Music Feat. Egyptian Lover / Himno

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