• sibiir Sibiir (LP, £15.95)

    label: Fysisk Format

    SIBIIR saw first light in 2014, and has been polishing their own special brand of hardcore-infused metal ever since. Their debut 7” gathered superb feedback and manifested from day one the signature of SIBIIR. Taking their name from Siberia in Russia, which has the coldest populated town on earth, definitely suits their style, cold and technical metal with hints of Hardcore, Thrash, Black gaze metal, and a tasteful, fearless joy of pushing genre boundaries. From Bekmörke’s second wave of black metal and hardcore fusion, via the relentless tempo of Beat Them To Death, to the early Mastodon-esque Erase & Adapt, SIBIIR’s debut album reeks of creativity and headbangable riffs. This is an album of sublime earth-shattering proportions. Pressed on black vinyl with high quality 200 gram printed inner sleeves, enveloped by 350 gram uncoated carton.

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