• peter barron One More Crow (CD, £12.50)

    label: Casket Music

    Peter Barron has his music is rooted in the seventies, but with its (bleeding) heart in the 21st century, mostly uptempo rock with catchy hooks’ and a dark edge. Influenced by a mix of wide ranging artists such as T-Tex and Alice Cooper, through to the Tom Waits and Donovan, coming back through the Cramps and Ramones, eclectic to say the least, he has been favourably compared to early Elvis Costello and that’s not far off the mark. Peter Barron has also recently signed a single song deal ('Running On Empty' from Jupiter Diamond) with Nashville publisher. “One More Crow” is the follow up album to the critically acclaimed 2014 debut “Jupiter Diamond”. TRACKLIST 1. Turn It Up 2.One More Crow 3. The Devil’s Gonna Get You 4. Underneath 5. Ghost Dancers 6. Dead Man’s Hand 7. Going Downtown 8. Velvet Moon

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