• the last man Still Waiting (CD, £9.95)

    label: detour

    Carrying on with The Gents anthology, DETOUR RECORDS present the last instalment and bring you bang up to date with this project. (And yes, all true Gents fans will realise they have skipped one but this is still on the cards and they wanted to release this one straight away while the songs are new and fresh.) "It's hard to believe that its coming up to thirty years ago since we (The Gents) recorded our last album “Waiting to be seen” on vinyl (I’ve had to explain to the kids what vinyl is) Which marked the last time until now I wrote any music with Martin, even after the band had come to its end and we went our respective different ways, over the years I have always kept in touch with Martin. I have been involved in several different musical projects all enjoyable but none of which were quite as successful as what The Gents were, being around in those exiting late seventies early eighties years, its true you don’t miss what you had until its gone! Having retired from live performance in 2012 and after a couple of reunion gigs I began sending some musical ideas to Martin and within a short time we had ten new songs and some re-written old songs which were songs that would have probably ended up on the next Gents album/CD? Back in the day. While Martin and I was one half of The Gents we thought it would be wrong to label it as a Gents album as such “The Last Man” was always the working title for the new project. We did however in acknowledgement to the last Gents album title “waiting to be seen” entitled the new CD “Still Waiting”. The music is mainly guitar, bass and drums with Martin on the vocals played live and recorded as we did in the early days capturing the performance and feel, letting the song shine through, the songs are uncomplicated instantly catchy tunes and memorable melodies echoing the sound of a bygone era and hopefully have the listener singing along in no time! On a personal note it has without doubt the most enjoyable musical experience in a long time (possibly thirty years)! And I am happy that the few songs that never got recorded for that last Gents album have found a place to be alongside inspired new melodies, a big thank you to all involved." - Steve Chambers, 2016

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