• glissando Loves Are Like Empires (CD, £6.75)

    label: Gizeh/Loom

    Limited edition of 200 with handmade sleeve and artwork. This release brings together a few loose ends for the Leeds duo – a collection of Glissando’s work to date as they prepare for their debut release-proper on Gizeh in October. Here we get a taste of the variety Glissando ensues as the record moves from ambient soundscapes to some beautiful vocal-led movements. This is Glissando’s 3rd Loom release and contains the motions of the likes of Stars of the Lid and Charalambides next to the more ‘song’ based sounds of Low or Cocteau Twins. 1. and Before We Knew It Had Happened At All It Was Over (3.56), 2.What the Exultant Heart Calls Good (16.40), 3.Into Sleep To Create A Flame (5.16), 4.A Whisper of the Eye (7.58), 5.A Fleeting Glimpse (9.22), 6.Love Or No Love (28.42).

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