• beck Mellow Gold (coloured vinyl LP, £44.75)

    label: bongload

    Mellow Gold was released March 1st, 1994 as Beck’s first full-length album. Discovered by Bong Load Records owner and producer, Tom Rothrock, Beck began recording the song Loser with Rothrock and friend Carl Stephenson. Loser was written and recorded in 6 hours and was the genesis of the groundbreaking full-length album. Mellow Gold was released on March 1, 1994, following the surprise success of "Loser.” Mellow Gold has often been referred to as a true concept album, mixing folk, hip-hop and indie rock into a cohesive piece of art. The decidedly anti-commercial attitude of Mellow Gold became an unexpected commercial success and went platinum. In classic form, Bong Load Records only released limited pressings of the LP, making the original Bong Load pressings extremely collectable and sought after.

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