• emptifish Sonic's Got a Ray Gun EP (4-track pink vinyl 10", £20.75)

    label: detour

    Emptifish... they have brought you songs and tales about manta rays, surfboards, killer cars and girls with beautiful hair... but they have never brought you anything like this before... four killer songs guaranteed to make you shake with the electric fits 'til the bolts from your neck fry your brains.... The Sonic's Got A Ray Gun 10" EP is THE most exciting slab of vinyl you could possibly start the year with. Those of you who have seen their Damned 40th Anniversary support slots, or their festival, church, beach or club gigs will KNOW this is one of the GREAT GREAT GREAT UK live bands (ask Captain Sensible... he stops gigs to talk about them "fucking brilliant... psychotic" and dedicate songs to them)... and that Sonic's Got A Ray Gun is the climactic HIGHlight of their set! Also included: if you've got girl trouble then spin Mr Cop and let singer Georgie Wipeout teach you how to deal with it... no messin'... move on, on, on. You wanna rumble? Then the uber Quentin Tarantino cool of Consul Cruise will ensure you are the strayest of cats on the block. It's all finished off by I'm Trashed... Stax Meets Trash Rock n Roll downtown... I dare you to try and categorise their unique sound... but Ian Sonic from the band describes their sound as... Well like a 1960s spacecraft covered in treacle crashing into a Russian ballbearing factory! Or If the Cramps played cricket, Link Wray was the umpire and the Velvet Underground were strangling Kraftwerk with guitar strings while smoking Sherlock Holmes pipes! That's Emptifish! Got that!? Strictly limited 300 colour vinyl edition... so get your Billy Whiz skates on and pick up these four essential Gizzard Studio recorded cuts (yes, analogue or death)... you know you want it!

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