• necromandus Necrothology (numbered 180g vinyl LP, £19.95)

    label: Audio Archives

    Managed and produced by Tony Iommi, Necromandus recorded striking material for an album and single release on the Vertigo label in 1973 but the project was aborted. This limited edition vinyl release of just 260 copies combines tracks from the Morgan Studio sessions with two extra studio songs ‘I’ve Been Evil’ and ‘Limpet Man’ plus ultra-rare demo ‘Judy Green Rocket’ from 1972 together with atmospheric live track ‘Curly Sea Slug’ from 1971. Necromandus created a stunningly unique and dark sound courtesy of Bill Branch’s twisted vocals and the exquisite guitar work of Barry ‘Baz’ Dunnery, one of the most talented players in the UK at the time. With the powerful rhythm section of Frank Hall (drums) and Dennis McCarten (bass) the band was, without doubt, a force to be reckoned with. Pressed on heavy vinyl the LP comes with detailed notes by Pete Sarfas and double-sided glossy insert full of rare memorabilia, posters and promotional items.

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