• le corbeau Evening Chill / Montreal of the Mind (LP, £15.95)

    label: Fysisk Format

    When touring with Serena Maneesh, Řystein Sandsdalen got a few unexpected days off in a snow covered Montreal. Obsessed with a bizarre mood triggered by his surroundings, Sandsdalen set off on the musical venture that was to become the band's second release after their self titled mini album (2008). "This is a collection of imaginary scenarios with a rather loose connection to the geographical Montreal - more like a series of postcards from a state of mind," Sandsdalen himself states. The album is shrouded in an air of haunting nostalgia, which connects the different musical leaps found herein. You can find anything from garage-noir type tunes performed with a full band, to solitary John Fahey-inspired guitar pieces. The listener is initiated song by song into a variation of moods that lends inspiration from the nostalgic horror worlds of Goblin or the multifaceted world of David Lynch: as soon as you let the warmth of a beautiful melody settle inside you, a dark uneasiness spreads from it and chills your bones.

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