• fountainsun Sweep the Temple (LP, £19.95)

    label: Gnome Life

    + DL. On Fountainsun’s debut LP, Music Today, Daniel Higgs and Fumie Ishii served as guides on a multidimensional pilgrimage through the cosmos. We return, with their second album, to find our Dionysian duo not at journey’s end, but settled down within a many-chambered temple – contemplating matters of the heart and sprit; immersed in daily ritual both sacred and profane. As the title suggests, the central theme of Sweep the Temple is one of purification. Cleansing the inner and outer sanctum, primarily of limitation. Limits imposed upon us, and the Universe itself, by the very idea that we can fully comprehend the nature of reality. Sweep the Temple is a call to action, and an embodiment of that call. We must “sweep the temple free” each day from notions of duality, perceived separation, and the entanglements of socialised beliefs. Time-honoured forms of expression (folk song, parable, ballad, rhapsody) populate this album but appear slightly out of phase with ordinary reality. Fountainsun employs many instruments to purify their anarchic sanctuary, including a 12-string banjo, vibraphone, marimba, guitars, drums, gongs, and even an actual broom. These songs coax and goad in equal measure, drawing us ever deeper into holy negotiations between sense and nonsense. Take the Dadaist deconstruction of Aesop’s Fables that comprise the lyrics of the track titled “Aesop”. In order to "sweep the temple" we must at times surrender narrative entirely and simply exist in marvellous uncertainty. Recorded on two-inch tape in Grass Valley, California by Tim Green (who also produced Higgs's solo masterpiece Ancestral Songs). 1. Sweep the Temple 2. I Give You My Heart (for Brother Kamel) 3. Many Miles 4. Minor Woodland Deity 5. Garden Gate IV 6. Mupi's Song 7. Obsession or Devotion8. Aesop 9. Lamps of Friendom

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