• mummi kutoo Mummi Kutoo (double LP, £26.95)

    label: Ektro

    MUMMI KUTOO was completely obscure until Ektro Records reissued the band's eponymous 1975 album on CD in 2003, adding nine bonus tracks. Since then the cult around this Finnish agricultural psychedelic group has grown to new levels, making original copies of the LP nearly impossible to find. So now, 41 years after the official release, comes a vinyl-reissue along with a full LP of unreleased demo's. These 18 tracks date from the era after the first album. The band had plans for a second album and demoed their new material extensively, but Love Records went bankrupt before studio sessions could take place. Mummi Kutoo is an essential discovery for fans of eclectic, somewhat psychedelic folk rock. Limited to 300 units.

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