• jessica curry Dear Esther: Original Game Soundtrack (180g vinyl double LP, £25.50)

    The soundtrack comes on two vinyl records, both cut at 45RPM for best sound quality. Features original artwork by BAFTA Breakthrough Brit 2016 and The Chinese Room artist Alex Grahame. Liner notes by The Chinese Room co-founder and composer Jessica Curry. This vinyl release includes a free Steam key that enables the customer to download the game and the soundtrack for free via Steam! Tracklisting: 01. Dear Esther 02. I Have Begun My Ascent 03. Remember (Donnelly) 04. Twenty One 05. Golden Ratio 06. Remember (Paul) 07. On The Motorway 08. Standing Stones 09. Always (Hebridean Mix) Disc #2: 01. The Bones Of Jakobson 02. Remember (Jakobson) 03. This Godforsaken Aerial 04. Moon In My Palm 05. Remember (Esther) 06. Always (Sanford Mix) 07. The Very Air 08. Ascension

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