• century palm Meet You (LP, £16.95)

    label: Deranged

    Includes album download code. Century Palm are Paul Lawton (Ketamines), Andrew Payne (Zebrassieres), Penny Clark (Tough Age) and Jesse Locke (Dirty Beaches). Their debut album, Meet You, was recorded by the band in Toronto, mixed in Vancouver by Jay Arner and mastered in Australia by Mikey Young. Meet You is 10 songs about getting to know another layer of yourself – even when you think you know yourself. About subtle tones of despair. About the things you aren't encouraged to express on an everyday basis. Musically, Century Palm crib shamelessly from Wire, Neu! and Eno-era Roxy Music, modern Australian bands like Total Control, and failed experiments from earlier, abandoned projects. Many instances of droning synths ruining perfectly nice pop songs. Track listing: 1 Reset Reaction 2 Trapped Here 3 Then You’re Gone 4 These Walls 5 Sick Of It 6 New Creation 7 Walk Forever Blind 8 King Of John St 9 Another You 10 Desire

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