• ieatheartattacks IEatHeartAttacks (CD, £10.95)

    label: Fysisk Format

    The debut album of IEatHeartAttacks follow many years of rehearsal and experimentation, resulting in a raw, yet defined sound.  Intense noise punk from the most Norwegian part of Norway; Gudbrandsdalen.  Though IEatHeartAttacks has their name from a Blood Brothers song, the band was shaped by the Norwegian hardcore scene of the 00s, with bands like JREwing, Snöras, Kaospilot and The Spectacle making lasting impressions.  The songwriting follows the classic punk ethos of less is more: when the message is delivered, the song is over. There is a unique flow in the IEatHeartAttacks songs, with blending harmonies and disharmonies whipped up by scorching new-waveish beats and catchy breaks.  Mastered by Brad Boatright (Ringworm, High On Fire, Sleep).

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