• baxter stockman Haul (LP, £18.75)

    label: Ektro

    Baxter Stockman imploded in 2016. Earlier the same year the band had recorded their final album HAUL. The album documents the final years of Baxter Stockman, when its' oppressive form of noise rock mutated into flexible and fervent rock'n'roll. As if the musicians who grew up on ZZ Top, Finnhits and The Jesus Lizard finally figured out how to write a song? On HAUL, one can hear the punishing fury of Baxter Stockman, birthed through the bands way of building towering soundscapes from the most basic of elements. This fury, combined to killer riffs and the intoxicating rhythms make HAUL a devastating rock'n'roll experience. Baxter Stockman is no longer among us, but HAUL - the monument among the smouldering ashes - is handed over to you, dear listener.

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