• thinking plague Hoping Against Hope (CD, £13.50)

    label: Cuneiform

    Inspired by avant / art rock bands like Arts Bears and Henry Cow and classic 70s progressive rock, as well as by contemporary classical composers, Thinking Plague has earned an avid international following by forging a singular synthesis of art-rock with 20th century classical. Rigorously constructed and passionately played, the music makes a compelling case for rock's relevance as a forum for creative composition. A new album by Thinking Plague is always an event; working slowly and unwaveringly, the group has released a handful of brilliant, art-rock classics. Hoping Against Hope is their 7th and the latest of them. Founded in 1982 by guitarist/composer Mike Johnson and bass guitarist/drummer/engineer Bob Drake, Thinking Plague built its following the old-fashioned way, though word of mouth and recordings passed around by fellow musicians and fans.

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