• redd kross Hot Issue (150g grey vinyl LP, £20.95)

    label: Bang! Records

    600 copies. Turn of the century rarities recorded by REDD KROSS in Hollywood between 1981 and 2007. Limited edition of this compilation which was self-released by the band and sold out immediately, being now a collector's item which reaches insane prices in the second hand market. Top quality recordings focused on their most explosive creativity period in the 90s. Created to be a complete play experience with unreleased and rare tracks compiled from the Jeff McDonald archives. TRACKLIST SIDE A: A1 Insatiable Kind A2 Motorboat A3 Pop Show A4 Take It Home A5 That Girl A6 It's A Scream / SIDE B: B1 Switchblade Sister B2 Puss N Boots B3 Don't Take Your Baby Downtown B4 Moon Sun (No Limit) B5 Starlust B6 Born To Love You

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