• centralstödet / myrrors Ljudkamrater (LP, £21.75)

    label: Cardinal Fuzz

    Swedish band Centralstödet contributes three tracks to Side A, each radiating the mysterious energy of music composed in the moment. The tactile frequencies of guitar and bass played through powerful vintage amps create an intimate atmosphere as the band stretches up and out of the fuzzy Sabbath grooves they're best known for and into new territory. The Myrrors unleash two tracks (or rather, two parts of a longer thirty-minute piece) that is the best material they've produced in terms of ambition and execution. 2016's 'Entranced Earth' saw The Myrrors achieve near-perfect balance in terms of arranged elements and free improvisation within lush and deeply meditative drones. Here, 'Rayuela' and 'Night Flower Codex' come from the same head space as 'Entranced Earth'. That is, songs inspired by jams performed live on their European tour. But these two songs have nailed what they've been hinting at for ages. It's out-and-out kraut perfection: a cacophonous rain forest of flute, viola, tape loops, saxophone, and guitar that churns, cavorts, and babbles exuberantly under a cruise-y jazz ride and sinuous bass line. Split release with Sky Lantern Records.

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