• prins thomas Dungen & Sun Araw Remixes (12", £4.75)

    label: smalltown supersound

    "Cameron Stallones aka Sun Araw, besides having the most awesome name ever, is a true adventurer in sound. I've been a fan of his for a few years and had no idea what to expect. In his own words, he tried to tame the guitars but "they kept melting away". Dungen is the best band in the world period and having the genius Gustav Estjes handling anything coming from my lesser imagination is a humbling experience. The track "J"is something I worked on for inclusion on the album but never managed to wrap it up, until now that is." TRACKLISTING: A1. D (Dungen Version) A2. J (Original Version) B1. B (Sun Araw Saddle Soap Remix)

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