• hopeajärvi Mahdotonta (LP, £19.95)

    label: Ektro

    Helsinki's Hopeajärvi is back with their second album. On MAHDOTONTA ("Impossible") Hopeajärvi delivers a tight bundle of sweet 'n' sour Suomi Rock tunes. The range varies from the manic straight forward rock-explosions to more laid back - but never serene - soundscapes. The vocals of Teemu Tanner (Kynnet, Teksti-TV 666, The Munchies) are present here rawer than ever. His recognisable voice goes from beautiful-yet-unpolished croons to borderline satanic snarls. The unique groove of Hopeajärvi is born from its ability to be tight and merciless rock 'n' roll steam roller, while at the same time shooting around like a roman candle. While Hopeajärvi (uncomfortably) sits in the tradition of classic Finnish rock acts - such as Sielun Veljet and Kontra - one can also recognise a kinship with the guitar swirls of Sonic Youth or the lazy slams of Pavement, why not even the noise rock of various Touch and Go acts. From the start Hopeajärvi captures you with MAHDOTONTA. You the listener are left with no choice but to go all Patty Hearst and enjoy the trip.

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