• cheer-accident Putting Off Death (CD, £13.50)

    label: Cuneiform

    CHEER-ACCIDENT are the quintessential Chicago post-rock band that, sadly, you may have never heard of. Too bad. Their playful musical approach is a ripe aesthetic of absurdist humour. Over the years [their] adventurous sound [has grown] from schizoid metallic post-rock (in the vein of scene brethren Rapeman, Shorty, or Don Caballero) to a higher-brow variety of avant-rock that covers ground as diverse as falsetto vocal vignettes, orchestral dissonant horn lines, Van Dyke Parks-ian rainy-day pop, cubist piano compositions, ambient cinematic excursions, and noise. Founded in 1981, a touring/performing band since 1984, CHEER-ACCIDENT (always hyphenated, always capitalised!) have always done their utmost to surprise their audience with constant reinvention, yet always doing so with a sharp focus. Celebrating their 35th anniversary, Putting Off Death is the group’s 18th album and one that crosses many stylistic boundaries, from straightforward pop songs to sound collage to art-rock. Putting Off Death uses a variety of studio techniques, a huge number of guest musicians, and ‘outside the box’ imagination to put all of these disparate elements together in a cohesive way.

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