• buttertones Gravedigging (LP, £13.25)

    label: Innovative Leisure

    The Buttertones’ Gravedigging is more a movie waiting to happen than an album—or a soundtrack just waiting to inspire a movie, with scene after scene of action, tension and release set to a sound that takes everything good and true about American music before the Beatles prettied it up (surf, sweet soul, the boss saxophone-overdrive garage of the Northwest wailers like the Sonics) and matches it to punk energy, post-punk precision and the kind of personality that blows the circuit-breakers at a backyard party. Recorded at Jazzcats studio in LongBeach—home-away-from-home to fellow Innovative Leisure artists Hanni El Khatib, Tijuana Panthers, Wall of Death and more—in the spring of 2016, the sessions were supercharged with hard-won live experience from endless street-level shows and relentless midnight-to-six rehearsals at the Buttertones lock-out. Think of it this way: you might not yet know how the band that made Gravedigging is going to land—but you know it’s going to hit hard. Tracklisting 

1. Pistol Whip
2. Sadie's A Sadist
3. Neon Cowboy
4. Two-Headed Shark
5. Matador
6. I Ran Away
7. Moroccan Monsoon
8. Geisha's Gaze
9. Ghost Safari
10. A Tear For Rosie
11. Gravediggin'

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