• vietah Czornaja Ćviĺ (LP, £12.50)

    label: I Hate Records

    Vinyl reissue of VIETAH's 2015 fourth album "Czornaja Ćviĺ".  VIETAH – The Atmospheric Black Metal Phenomenon from Belarusian Swamps.  For black metal initiated this album could evoke the same ancient pagan feelings once raised by DRUDKH and early BURZUM. A mention of DARKTHRONE’s golden era is also applicable.  Antarctis handles all instruments himself and delivers some really desperate vocals sung in the Belarusian language, giving his creations a unique touch.  The folk soul of the Belarusian people permeates through VIETAH’s incantations.  Over the years I HATE has worked hard to put the spotlight on former Eastern Bloc artists, who rarely get the attention they deserve from metal fans or media.  VIETAH is the creation of a truly tortured soul, and as you sink into it, it will take you to a place where imagination and reality collide.  Mastered for vinyl by Magnus Devo Andersson at Endarker Studio, Norrköping.

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