• pwr bttm Pageant (CD, £6.50)

    label: Big Scary Monsters

    On PWR BTTM's new album Pageant, glammed and glittered duo Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce tackle their diary-like explorations of life, identity and existential crises head-on. Pageant is a vital exploration of self that’s hot with friction, angst and hope, both hilarious and heart wrenching. Pageant is ferociously emotional, with passionate narratives set to cutting rock and roll anthems. The album builds upon PWR BTTM’s sensational debut Ugly Cherries with a further refined song craft and sonic flourishes including horns, flutes, keyboard and even an impromptu choir. The result is thirteen original songs that burst with laughter, tears and triumph. Pageant was produced by Christopher Daly and Cameron West, and was recorded primarily in the top floor of a furniture factory in Geneva, New York. Ben Hopkins takes his guitar playing and vocal fierceness to new heights, and with newfound openness. The duo swap instruments on the record and live, constantly alternating between Hopkins' finger-picking solos and Liv Bruce's tremendous drumming. In a glowing live review, the NY Times deemed PWR BTTM “part theatre, part punk, entirely captivating.” Track Listing 1Silly 2Answer My Text 3LOL 4Won't 5Now Now 6Sissy 7Pageant 8Oh Boy 9New Trick 10Wash 11Kids' Table 12Big Beautiful Day 13Styrofoam

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