• astralasia Oceania (double LP, £19.95)

    label: Fruits de Mer Records

    Following on from the great feedback to their 2014 sell-out double album on Fruits de Mer Records, ‘Wind On Water’, Astralasia have been back in the studio to produce another 80 minutes of chilled electronic sounds – great horizontal/ late-night listening from one of the UK’s favourite festival bands of the last 25 years. Of course I love it, but the best i can suggest is you settle down and immerse yourself in the album, although I did ask the band to give their perspective on things... "'Oceania' is the depth of our souls, along the ocean bed, the lost continent, a forgotten time, a land where love was the answer. It’s about birth, life, love, death, afterlife and rebirth... the whole cycle. It's either a meditative, shared with a loved one in embrace ,or a remembrance of loved ones gone, or in that state in between. you the listener decides. some titles hint but we'd rather you make up your own minds as to meaning. we will all swim up the babbling brook  to a new pool of conception and further consciousness, another journey to be continued. omg  we just realised it's getting awfully dark for just 3 o’clock so first stop ‘alooland'  and along the shore we go... so long. till our next voyage. take care and travel safely. whatever star you are on. don't get to deep fried and keep swimming. lots of love from of all of us to all of you - astralasia." ...As you might have guessed, the 7” square perforated fishy blotter that’s inserted inside every copy was their idea! LP1 (sides one and two) 1.ALOOLAND 7:52 2.GHOSTS INBETWEEN 5:44 3.OCEANIA 7:11 4.TANGERINE SKIES 5:59 5.KALEIDOSCOPIC 6:25 6.NORTH STAR 7:17 / LP2 (sides three and four) 1.ASTRAL VOYAGER 7:44 2.ISHDAN 5:43 3.MUSHROOM HEARTBEAT 4:33 4.A LONG SHORE 2:31 5.TIME & TIDE ETERNAL 22:04

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