• nitri Circles (blue vinyl 12", £7.95)

    label: Horizons Music

    Luciano Nitri has been locked away working on his debut album for Horizons Music. The sampler is a glimpse of what is to come, with 3 shining vocal tracks, each have the power to be the lead track in their own right. * ‘Circles’ is funk infused bassline, coupled with Lucy Kitchen’s haunting vocal this track is the perfect tease and intro for the album. * Visonobi takes no prisoners, with his heavyweight vocals laid on a sparse Nitri beat. ‘Homage’ is the calling card to throw some darkness on this single. * The final track shows Nitri’s liquid flex, soft vocals the track takes us on a journey, and yes this journey for Nitri has just begun. Tracklist: a) Circles (Feat. Lucy Kitchen) b1) Homage (Feat. Visionobi) b2) Voyager (Feat. Tayah Etienne)

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