• the great harry hillman Tilt (CD, £13.50)

    label: Cuneiform

    This is jazz, but it's jazz for people who don't know that they might like jazz. The Great Harry Hillman has been boldly blending jazz with elements of everything, making for an amalgam that never goes exactly where you might expect it to. That the hurdler Harry Hillman deserved his own band became clear after he won three gold medals at the Olympic Games in 1904. Exactly 105 years later he received it with the formation of The Great Harry Hillman.The band is comprised of four young & gifted players, with experience in many kinds of music making: Nils Fischer - reeds David Koch - guitar, electronics Samuel Huwyler electric bass Dominik Mahnig drums. The group has released two previous albums in Switzerland and toured all over Europe, but Tilt is their first recorded foray onto the international stage.

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