• bunny lee presents 'jamaican rockers 1975-1979'  (CD, £10.50)

    The Rockers Sound (aka Steppas) came from the mid 70’s and was created during sessions with The Revolutionaries band at Channel 1. Drummer Sly Dunbar came up with a new ‘Militant’ style double drumming on the snare drum that seemed to add some credence to the political/Rasta based lyrics that were so prominent around this time. So for this compilation we have pulled together some of the best cuts from this period when producer Bunny Lee was on the top of his game and the sound in town to get on board with was ‘Rockers’... So sit back and enjoy another period in Reggae’s history that still sounds as good as when it was created way back when... EVERYTHING ROCKERS... Tracklisting Track 1 CONTROL YOUR DAUGHTERS –Cornell Campbell Track 2 CHILDREN OF ISRAEL – Dennis Brown Track 3 ROCKERS TIME NOW –Johnny Clarke Track 4 DEVIL’S THRONE –Junior Delgado Track 5 CRISIS TIME –I Roy Track 6 I DON’T LIKE IT – Leroy Smart Track 7 R.O.C.K (ROCKERS) –Lloyd Chambers Track 8 IN GOD WE TRUST -Morwells Track 9 NO MAN’S LAND -Cornell Campbell Track 10 WHIP THEM JAH -Dennis Brown Track 11 CHANNEL 1 CRASH -Jackie Mittoo & The Aggrovators Track 12 MONEY MONEY -Horace Andy Track 13 MONEY IN JAMTOWN -Ben Sherman Track 14 PEACE AND LOVE IN A GHETTO -Johnny Clarke Track 15 NO WICKED IN A ZION –Earth & Stone Track 16(JUST CALL ME) AFRICAN ROOTS -Johnny Clarke Track 17 SMILING ROCKERS -Tommy MC Cook & Bobby Ellis Track 18 THE GODFATHER -I Roy

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