• cassels Foreword (LP, £15.75)

    label: Big Scary Monsters

    Our boys in Cassels have come a long way in the past few years, so we're pleased to bring you Foreword - a compilation which gives you a glimpse of their musical journey to date. Featuring a collection of new and early material, itís all now packaged up on vinyl for the first time, so something for old and new fans alike! Cassels are a two piece comprised of two brothers - Jim (vox/guitar) and Loz (drums/vox) Beck. Originally from the self-described 'cul-de-sac' town of Chipping Norton, the brothers spent their youth turning their frustration and boredom into music. After years of making as much noise as they pleased in their remote countryside bedroom, Cassels emerged onto the scene with a sound which is both unique and hard-hitting; combining dense and poetic lyricism with pared-back, heavy and skilful instrumentation. Dealing in themes which range from the overtly sociopolitical to the deeply personal, the band are never afraid to express their opinions in their songs. This sincere, heart-on-the sleeve approach has picked them up praise and coverage from the likes of NME, BBC Radio 1, 6 Music and Channel 4, as well as Radiohead's Colin Greenwood. As Punktastic puts it, 'thereís little emerging from the British underground that comes close to mirroring Casselsí style. Tracklisting: 1. The Weight 2. Opia 3. The World Doesn't Need Another You or Me 4. Sights for Sore Eyes 5. 666 Feet 6. I Swipe Right 7. Hating is Easy 8. Flock Analogy 9. Beach Baby 10. Avarice 11. Ignoring All the Tunnels and Lights 12. Well Fed Worms in a Graveyard 13. You Us and They 14. Cool Box

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