• giuda Bad Days Are Back / Firefly (7", £6.50)

    label: burning heart

    New single from Italian rockers taken from the album, 'SPEAKS EVIL'  Limited edition vinyl only single!  B-Side "Firefly" is previously unreleased!  Musically fits well with any rock fan. Slade, Sweet, echoes of Thin Lizzy, Status Quo and AC/DC. More modern references The Hives, Cock Sparrer, Turbonegro, Queens Of The Stone Age. Read: Giuda - making rock fun again!  "From Roma, neo-bovver rockers get stomping. Recalling the stack-heeled sounds of Slade, The Sweet and The Faces plus the junk shop glam, Romans Giuda do their bit for similarly no pretension, high energy rocking with their debut, Racey Roller." - Mojo  "They've ram-raided the vaults of 70′s glam, punk and rock n roll to make a foot-stomping, fist pumping riot of sound that has the scenesters, the punks and rockers and young and old in attendance going nuts! Giuda are the best band we've seen in years!" - Vive Le Rock  "Italian quintet Giuda are the greatest '70s glam-rock band to have existed since... the 1970s." - NME 8/10  "Guida perfectly channel a stomping pre-punk past complete with hand claps, terrace-boy chants and pop chops to match" - Vice 10/10  "Guida encompass the glam gamut referencing perfectly rendered period elements, from quirky synth lines to camp vocal asides." - Vive Le Rock 10/10  "This is the perfect sound for life on the terraces, in the discos, at a gig, at the pub and in the streets, always with Giuda blasting in your ears" - Rolling Stone

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