• ritualist Hell's Doom Eternal (CD, £6.50)

    label: I Hate Records

    THE RITUALIST is Chad Davis (HOUR OF 13) and stands for the ways of the old, the ways of the lifestyle of the Children of Doom, and for the return of quality music to hold up the standards of the ideals expressed within the music itself.  It is quite apparent in listening to THE RITUALIST that the presence of the beginnings are all there, tinged in the 4th and 5th album era of BATHORY and the bone crushing heaviness of the early days of NEMESIS / CANDLEMASS.  But before getting those sounds implanted in your skulls, rest assured that the sound created within THE RITUALIST is in no way showcasing these influences, rather it takes the ideals and moves them forward into this day and age without copying anything.  Through hard work, until the last breath, THE RITUALIST will stand the ground against the mediocrity and incompetence plaguing the modern “doom” scene.  Hell’s Doom Eternal consists of 3 rerecorded demo tracks and a BEHERIT cover.

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