• ritualist Storming the Gallows (CD, £6.50)

    label: I Hate Records

    The furious Austrian deathrash machine delivers their final(?) release for I HATE.  This compiles the debut mini-album, “Storming with Menace” (2011) and “The Gallows EP” (2015), both previously unavailable in CD format.  Deathstorm are about primeval thrash metal in its most raw form! Think SODOM ”Persecution Mania”, MERCILESS ”The Awakening” and KREATOR ”Pleasure to Kill” for similarities.  ”Storming the Gallows” is also a fuck off to modern sounds, trends and hipsters in general.  Deathstorm is a great example of how you can mix old school with aggression and still come off fresh and potent!  Prepare for the Slaughter!

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