• juan maclean Can You Ever Really Know Somebody (4-track 12", £9.50)

    label: D.F.A.

    The Juan Maclean return to DFA with a standalone single, bursting with deep house elastic bounce and electronic pop flourishes, married to the deadpan earnestness of Nancy Whang’s vocal delivery.  ‘Can You Ever Really Know Somebody’ is the kind of slinky song that is easily absorbed and difficult to forget. It’s a taste of things to come as The Juan Maclean prepare a brand new album for DFA due later in the year.  The remix is courtesy of LA-4A, aka Ambivalent and legally known as American born producer Kevin McHugh. Stripping out the house music and replacing it with a grinding electro-acid template, LA-4A creates a lovely buzzing new bed of music for Nancy Whang’s vocals to rest on top of it. This is a remix with wildly successful results and a perfect companion to the original.

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