• gnarwolves Outsiders (LP, £14.50)

    label: Big Scary Monsters

    With nearly three years having passed since their debut, Gnarwolves will release Outsiders, their second full-length record, through Big Scary Monsters and Tangled Talk. At the tail end of last year the band set to work on the album with long time collaborator Lewis Johns who was once again behind the desk at The Ranch Production House after working on all but one of the band's previous releases. On Outsiders the white knuckle alt. punk remains but Gnarwolves have themselves aged, the sound here has been refined with lyrics reflecting on world weary introspection ever present. As the title Outsiders suggests, the band continue to do things their own way and with the ten songs displayed here, there's enough wit and songwriting nous, to see the band transcend to a new plane. Forget what you thought you knew about Gnarwolves. Tracklisting 

1. Straitjacket
2. Car Crash Cinema
3. Wires
4. Paint Me A Martyr
5. English Kids
6. Argument
7. The Comedown Song
8. Talking To Your Ghost
9. Channelling Brian Molko
10. Shut Up

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