• os peregrinos Canto Peregrino (grey vinyl 10" mini-LP, £14.25)

    label: elefant

    Limited edition of 500 with download. Part of Elefant Records' "New Adventures in Pop" series, introducing new artists. Charlie Mysterio (Los Caramelos) and Roger De Flor (Os Silvestres, Bang 74) have combined to create "Canto Peregrino" (Pilgrim Song) - a gem that transports you far beyond the ground previously covered by our two protagonists. This delicate mini-LP features the delicious instrumental title track - a hymn for passersby, evoking the landscapes of Galician sea inlets in the precious harmonies and traditional percussion - a bossa nova ("Pulpo Mugardesa"), the Beatles-like "Canzone Per Giulia", and the nighttime jazz of "Mi Lugar En El Mundo".

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