• walter salas-humara Work: Part Two (digipak CD, £12.50)

    label: Blue Rose

    More than 30 years ago, Walter Salas-Humara first appeared on the scene as mastermind of alt.country/rock pioneers The Silos. Since then this versatile artist has not only reinvented his cult band a number of times and released a rich catalog of albums, he has also contributed to a remarkable number of various different projects. In the summer of 2014 Blue Rose released Curve And Shake, his first non-Silos solo album in more than 18 years. In March 2016 Work: Part One followed - a reimagining of crucial songs from a specific phase of his career, from the first three Silos albums About Her Steps (1985), Cuba (1987) und The Silos (1990), in all-acoustic arrangements, custom-made for the current alt.folk/Americana scene. Whereas Curve And Shake - culled from various recording sessions with different musicians - incorporated stylistic twists and different atmospheres, Work: Part One presented a homogenous, organic, mature production, all of one piece. In close collaboration with renowned Texan multi-instrumentalist and producer Rich Brotherton, Walter Salas-Humara truly created a masterpiece of his storied recording career. And he continues revisiting songs from his earlier heyday on Work: Part Two which features acoustic arrangements of more songs from the first three albums, three songs from Hasta La Victoria! from 1993 and "The Sounds Next Door" from Susan Across The Ocean from 1994.

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