• arms aloft What a Time to Be Barely Alive (LP, £18.50)

    label: Gilead Media

    The unsung heroes of the American DIY punk community return with their new album. On What A Time To Be Barley Alive, Arms Aloft have carefully honed an inherent songwriting skill into something considerable and exceptional. The compositions surge with the feeling of dedicated malcontent and a primal inability to bend or bow. Every track is an ear-worm that boasts of anthemic, meaningful lyrics. This is the very definition of what mature, thoughtful, and melodic punk was meant to be. "Itís that ability to balance emotion with aggression and uncertainty that sets Arms Aloft ahead of the pack. Theyíre absolutely a punk band through and through. Itís DIY at heart, super cynical, and built around the cusp of just-contained emotion, but itís also carefully structured with rising and falling power within each song instead of full-throttle fury." - Scene Point Blank. LP includes a 12 page booklet with original artwork by Landon Sheely and a free download coupon. Tracklisting: 1. We Have Nothing To Lose But Our Chains...2. Three Altars For Rats 3. The Truth Is Out There 4. The Voyage Of The Dawndreaders 5. What A Time To Be Barely Alive 6. Hollowlujah! 7. Untitled 8. I Want To Be Leaves 9. Sloslylove Is Playing At My House 10. A Psalm For Our Jobs And Apartments 11. West Grand Ave. Maria 12. ...And A World To Win

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