• good, the bad & the zugly The Worst Four Years (LP, £15.95)

    label: Fysisk Format

    The Good the Bad and the Zugly (or GBZ) is probably Norway’s best kept punk rock secret.  Truly the bastard child of the 90s scene in Oslo, these young men carry the torch of Turbonegro, Gluecifer and Anal Babes and remind us of a time when punk rock was a promise of infantile nihilism and pure vicious fun!  The Worst Four Years is a compilation album consisting of the early 7" singles as well as the Bransjvelter compilation track "I’m Fucked Up" feat. Kristopher Schau and an unreleased cover of Brainbombs’ "It's a burning hell".  Though the songs on this compilation all were released before the band’s two albums Anti-World Music (2013) and Hadeland Hardcore (2015) on Fysisk Format, they still form a central part of the band’s live set and continuing legacy.  The band command a big following in Norway... and the word is spreading!

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